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HIS NISEKO Teachers & Staff
HIS Niseko is pleased to introduce teachers and staff for the 2016-2017 academic year.


Elementary School

School Administrator and MP3 Teacher

Mr. Barry Mernin

Barry Mernin is a professional educator who values lifelong learning. Barry participated in summer workshops with Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, directed by Lucy Calkins. He earned a master’s degree in Mathematics Instruction. He obtained a leadership certificate from the Principal’s Training Center for International Educators. Barry received a vast amount of professional development in curriculum development, educational pedagogy, and educational technology. He is devoted to his wife, Naomi Noda, and to his son, William Taiga Mernin.

EY Teacher

Ms. Lola Lai

Lola grew up in Singapore and embarked on her life-long journey of working with children there. After nearly two decades of being raised and educated in the Singapore’s local system, she began to search for neoteric and more effective education pedagogies. Subsequently after she qualified as an Early Years educator and being in the field for a few years, she dived into another passion of hers; wildlife conservation and safari guiding. It was in South Africa and Mozambique where she was tremendously inspired by Reggio Emilia’s teachings as she worked with the local children with no formal school compounds nor your typical day-to-day learning equipment. They learnt and worked with river clay as play dough, porcupines’ quills and impala dung as counters. Thereafter, she travelled and worked with children in Cambodia and Turkey. She strongly believes in developing the child as a holistic individual being and she is incredibly excited to be collaborating and growing with your child. She has an incredible passion and she pinky promise that she will try build your child’s self-esteem, inspire creativity, motivate learning and foster your child’s sense of wonder to lead to a solid foundation in his/ her life-long learning journey. If you speak to her about ethology, entomology, scuba diving and road-trips on the less-beaten tracks, she gets astonishingly excited!

Kindergarten - Grade 2 / Cultural Exchange Coordinator

Mr. Merek Sinclair

Merek Sinclair is from Australia and first graduated with Honours in Asian Studies at the Adelaide University specialising in Japanese Language. He also studied abroad at Kansai Gaikokugo University. After graduating university he became an ESL teacher in Japan, and has taught at many schools across Sapporo and throughout all year levels. Merek completed his Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning from Charles Darwin University and his teaching training through Hokkaido International School.  Merek has been part of the HIS community for three years. For the past six years Merek and his wife have been coaching and competing professionally in national and international ballroom dance competitions. When Merek has time he likes to take a walk in nature and search for something new!

HIS Niseko Staff - Administrative Assistant

Ms. Anita Churiki

Anita Churiki is from Japan, with an American/Japanese ethnicity. Passionate about the outdoors, she has completed her studies in University of Oregon with a BA in Environmental Studies, also acquiring Outdoor Leadership Certificate on the side. In the past 16 years she has lived  in Niseko, she has directed an Adventure Education program for a local adventure company and has been very active in the community. 

HIS Niseko Staff  - Administrative Assistant & Japanese Teacher

Ms. Yuuki Suzuki

Yuuki Suzuki is from Japan, graduated from Hokusei Gakuen University with a degree in Sociolinguistics and Second Language Acquisition.  Yuuki first taught Japanese as a second language at Ibaraki International Language Institute in 2005.  There she met many people from different backgrounds but fascinated to see how all could connected in one language. She had lived in China for 7 years and been an active community member at Suzhou Singapore International School until she left China in 2014.  

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