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Middle School at HIS

Hokkaido International School’s commitment to multiage instruction continues in the middle school years. Students entering 6th, 7th and 8th in the 2012-2013 school year will be taught in multiage classes through integrated units of the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC), the follow-on curriculum from the International Primary Curriculum, which HIS has successfully used at the elementary level since 2005. The IMYC was developed specifically to meet the learning needs of middle school students (ages 11 - 14) and therefore fits perfectly with our school’s multiage approach to learning.

The IMYC provides comprehensively developed units of study in Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Visual Art. Each unit also provides instructional connections for integrating aspects of music, physical education and mathematics (note that mathematics is not multi-aged). Individual subject teachers collaborate together with other subject area teachers to deliver each unit of study. Units of study are on a three-year rotation.

  • A-Year: Community, Tradition, Structures, and Challenge. 
  • B-Year: Adaptability, Balance, Discovery and Risk.
  • C-Year: Curiosity, Consequences, Resilience and Identity


For more information on the IMYC please visit their website at: International Middle Years Curriculum.
Prerequisite courses for the middle school are as follows: Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts, Science and Physical Education.
Many Middle School courses can be taken at an Honors level.


Middle school students have three areas of electives, language, arts and music. The majority of students will choose between Spanish or Japanese language studies. At the discretion of the English Language Learning Coordinator, students in need of English language development will take the ELL classes during the language study block. The other two electives can be chosen from the following; visual art, design, choir, beginner band or advanced band. 

For more information on courses, please review the course descriptions found in the community handbook.

More HIS Middle School Information

Students and parents are encouraged to read the Community Handbook for further information about Middle School at Hokkaido International School.  This handbook can be found on the downloadable document page.

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