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An Invitation 

Thank you for considering Hokkaido International School as a place for your child's education. HIS Niseko is a unique school providing a distinctive educational opportunity in the Niseko area. For those seeking an international education in English at an accredited institution, HIS Niseko is the place for you. Our tuition and fees are significantly lower than similar schools in the larger cities of Japan, and we offer great opportunities for outdoor learning.

With HIS Sapporo only two hours away, the Sapporo dormitory provides an excellent option for Niseko families whose children graduate from the HIS Niseko School. Students can attend middle school and high school in Sapporo, staying in the dorm through the week and returning home on the weekends. At least one parent of students interested in staying in our dorm must visit the school and meet with administrators and dorm parents.

The forms presented below should also be completed (just click to open and print). For students over third grade, a writing sample is also required, which will be done on campus just prior to the interview.

HIS Niseko Admissions Documents (click to view and print)

Admissions Policy and Process

Admissions Policy
HIS is a school dedicated to serving the expatriate community of Sapporo and Hokkaido, as well as others pursuing a western-style education. Admission applications are reviewed by an Admissions Committee consisting of one or two members and chaired by the Niseko principal in consultation with the Head of School. This group will also make initial grade-placement decisions.

Priorities in admission are given to the following in order of preference:
• The children of expatriates from English-speaking countries
• The children of expatriates from other countries
• Japanese returnees (a returnee is defined as someone who has completed at least two years of a western-style education overseas)
• The children of Japanese parents who can demonstrate a compelling need for a western-style education

HIS Niseko, as a western-style educational school expects the parents to demonstrate the following:
• Take an active role in the life of the school (i.e. attend and take part in school and PTA activities)
• Be able to communicate with the teachers and staff in English and work with your child at home in your native tongue (i.e. encourage reading; help with homework, etc.)
• While HIS cannot admit students with profound learning difficulties, HIS may be able to accommodate students with mild special needs. Continued enrollment at HIS is always dependent upon a student’s satisfactory achievement, behavior, and effort.

Admissions Process

  1. Complete an HIS Application Form, one per child. Assemble comprehensive school records, including current report cards and those from the previous two years of schooling plus standardized test scores (if applicable). Include medical and inoculation records. Proof of the student’s age must be included. Have the documents translated into English if possible.
  2. If a student is admitted, parents should arrange for immediate payment of tuition, application and entrance fee.
  3. Upon payment, students may begin attending classes at HIS.

If you would like to plan a visit to the school or have further questions about applying to HIS Niseko, please email the Niseko Administrator, Barry Mernin at bmernin@his.ac.jp

Thank you!

Barry Ratzliff
Head of School

HIS Niseko Tuition and Fees

HIS tuition and fees are payable annually or on a quarterly basis. Payment is due on July 31 preceding the school year. Invoices will be mailed in July. For students entering after opening day, payment is due prior to enrollment.

School Fees 2017 - 2018

Application Fee (one time only) ¥15,000 (to be paid at interview)
Entrance Fee (one time only) ¥200,000
Tuition Annual Quarterly Monthly 
Early Years (half day to 1:00) ¥568,000 ¥142,000 x 4 ¥64,000
Kindergarten (full day) ¥906,000 ¥226,500 x 4  
Grades 1 - 6 ¥906,500 ¥226,500 x 4  
Annual Fees  
Early Years ¥55,000
K-Elementary  ¥100,000
Insurance (optional; recommended) ¥4,000
PTA fee ¥5,000

Seasonal Students (part-time residents of Niseko area)


Living as a family in an internationally renowned ski resort is a wonderful experience, however when we are living away from home for an extended period of time, regularly paced lifestyles and scheduled time frames can be difficult to maintain. As educators we know that extended periods away from school actually result in a dip in learning, not just a blank space.

HIS Niseko offers short term schooling for seasonal residents of Niseko Area. Based on the number of weeks of schooling offered, this calculates as ¥26,000/week.

Month Cost
August ¥52,000
September ¥104,000
October ¥78,000
November ¥104,000
December ¥52,000
January ¥78,000
February ¥104,000
March  ¥78,000
April ¥104,000
May ¥104,000
June ¥52,000


Application as a Seasonal Resident requires the same paperwork and process as full time students.

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