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Hokkaido International School is proud to announce the return of our annual summer program. Please see below for course overviews, application and contact information and a downloadable promotional pamphlet. 
See you this summer!

Program Costs

HIS Summer School runs for 4 weeks. For those whose schedule does not allow them to sign up for the full program, we also offer options for enrolling on a weekly basis. Please see the price structure below:

Cost-per-week for 4 weeks = ¥12,500 (x 4 weeks) = ¥50,000 for the program fee (+ ¥2,000 for insurance*).
Cost-per-week for 3 weeks = ¥15,000 (x 3 weeks) = ¥45,000 for the program fee (+ ¥2,000 for insurance*).
Cost-per-week for 2 weeks = ¥17,500 (x 2 weeks) = ¥35,000 for the program fee (+ ¥2,000 for insurance*).
Cost-per-week for 1 week = ¥20,000 (x 1 weeks) = ¥20,000 for the program fee (+ ¥2,000 for insurance*).

*Insurance costs apply to all non-HIS students, at a flat-rate regardless of participation length.


Please contact the summer school coordinator, Mr. Joe Tomasine, with any questions:

Program of Study

See below for details on the program of study for each of the three courses

Preschool Course (suitable for ages 3 - kindergarten)

With Ms. Tanya Dechodomphan

Unit of study:   Pretend Play


You might have noticed young children engaged in pretend play as they let their imagination run wild. Pretend play may seem like a simple task, however it requires a lot of understanding and skills. Through pretend play, children learn new ideas, pick up new vocabulary, interact with others, solve problems as well as build confidence. The best part is, it is super fun! Under this unit, the children will be making puppets, engaging themselves in plays, making music, and listening and telling stories.



Elementary Course (suitable for grades 1 - 5)

With Mr. Eugene Sim

Unit of study:   Fun with Sports and Games


We play to relax. We play to have fun. However, play can also make other aspects of our lives better. It can help us work more effectively, enhance our interpersonal relationships, and keep us fit and healthy. In short, play can make us happier people. In this unit, the students are going to learn about sports and games from different cultures and places. They will also get creative by inventing their own sport or game. Last but not least, the students will get to experience different sports and games for themselves. We hope that by the end of Summer School, the elementary students will realize the importance of PLAY and that they will continue to lead a "playful" life.

Secondary Course (suitable for grades 6 - 12)

With Mr. Ian Aseltine

Unit of study:    Learning Through Projects


People often learn best when that learning is about things they find interesting. In this year's secondary summer school program, students will be allowed to learn about social science, science, math, and creativity through a project of their own choosing. This could involve sports, music, literature -- anything! In addition to the project work, a portion of each day will be dedicated to regular skill practice in both mathematics and English language usage (high school students may request SAT-specific preparation during this time). Students must also create an afternoon plan with the instructor for productive use of their time after lunch. Their plan may include academic, creative, or fitness activities. The gym will be open for students to use for up to 1.5 hours per day, as long as students use it responsibly!

DOWNLOAD the informational pamphlet here :   HIS SUMMER SCHOOL 2018

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