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HIS Summer School 2017

Hokkaido International School is proud to announce the return of our annual summer program. Please see below for course overviews, application and contact information and a downloadable promotional pamphlet. Don't forget to check back again for updates, including teacher biographies and event schedules.
See you this summer!

Program Costs

HIS Summer School runs for 4 weeks. For those whose schedule does not allow them to sign up for the full program, we also offer options for enrolling on a weekly basis. Please see the price structure below:

Cost-per-week for 4 weeks = ¥12,500 (x 4 weeks) = ¥50,000 for the program fee (+ ¥2,000 for insurance*).
Cost-per-week for 3 weeks = ¥15,000 (x 3 weeks) = ¥45,000 for the program fee (+ ¥2,000 for insurance*).
Cost-per-week for 2 weeks = ¥17,500 (x 2 weeks) = ¥35,000 for the program fee (+ ¥2,000 for insurance*).
Cost-per-week for 1 week = ¥20,000 (x 1 weeks) = ¥20,000 for the program fee (+ ¥2,000 for insurance*).

*Insurance costs apply to all non-HIS students, at a flat-rate regardless of participation length.


Please contact the summer school coordinator, Mr. Joe Tomasine, with any questions:

Program of Study

See below for details on the program of study for each of the three courses

Preschool Course (suitable for ages 3 - 5)

Unit of study:   Changes


In this unit the children are going to learn about all kinds of changes. They will make ice-cubes, jelly and chocolate shapes to learn about changes in state; observe the life cycle to learn about how young animals change into adults; play with words to see how changing them can make new rhymes; play with water and sand to see all the myriad ways these two substances can change each other, and play with sound to see how changing it can make music.


Elementary Course (suitable for grades 1 - 5)

Unit of study:   Our World


Our world is where we live – our home, our family, our school. It is the places that we go, the people that we meet, the things that we can see, smell, hear, taste and touch. We share our world with lots of other living things and we need to treat it with respect so that every person, animal and plant can live healthily and enjoy it. Among other things, we’ll be finding out about the animals and plants around us; how to design and build a bird feeder; about different wildlife habitats in our local environment; how to make a silhouette of our local skyline and how to make a fact file about our home country to share with others.

Secondary Course (suitable for grades 6 - 12)

Unit of study:    Separating Fact from Fiction & SAT Preparation


It is important for every person to know how to separate "fake news" from reality. In the first major focus of the program, students will learn to make those distinctions through: structured reading assignments aimed at improving reading comprehension; class discussions to improve English conversation; and a workshop approach for improving informative and persuasive writing skills. The second major focus of the program will be preview and practice for the SAT. Students will learn general strategies for taking the SAT (and other standardized tests). Students will see the full range of reading, language arts, and math covered on the SAT.

Download the informational pamphlet here :   HIS SUMMER SCHOOL 2017

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