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HIS is pleased to introduce the teachers and staff for the 2015 - 2016 academic year: 


Elementary School


Eugene Sim (Milepost 1)
I have been teaching at international and public schools in Japan and Singapore for 15 years.  I completed my MA in Primary Education with the University of Leicester in early 2010.  Living in Hokkaido is great for me because I enjoy outdoor activities and sports such as running, cycling, scuba-diving and snowboarding.  I look forward to learning and playing with my students this year. 

Justin Gambino (Milepost 1)

Justin Gambino holds a MA in education and has taught for twelve years, the majority being in multi-age and diverse settings. Living in Hokkaido for the second time, Justin is excited to be part of the HIS Sapporo community for the first time. Although his last stay was brief, he is thrilled to have had a hand in the opening of HIS Niseko.
Justin considers his home Ann Arbor, Michigan, but has lived in Germany, Finland, Nicaragua, and Chile, and has traveled to over 40 countries. Other than teaching and learning about cultures and people, some of Justin's many interests include all things musical, spending time in nature, science and health, sports, and joking around with friends and family.

Peggy Shibuya (Milepost 2)
Peggy Shibuya holds an MA in Education and is a long time educator at HIS. Presently she serves as the IPC Leader for Learner at the elementary level while also teaching at the Milepost Two level. She is an active member of the Curriculum Team and HIS Board of Councilors. Besides teaching, Peggy stays active doing long distance cycling, reading and spending time with friends.

Sherrie Oda (Milepost 2)
I claim Florida as my "home" in the USA, but have now crossed the half-way point of spending more years in Sapporo. Love this city! Love this school! Love learning, teaching and the students! After teaching second grade at HIS for 17 years, I moved into the Milepost Two position as a team teacher for second and third graders since 2012. In my non-school time, I enjoy walking footpaths with my husband, meeting up with friends over tea/coffee, doing ikebana, and reading. 

Rod Kelly (Milepost 3)
I have been teaching grade 4/5 students here for 12 years. I am also the Athletic Director for all school sport and organize the after school program for elementary. I am originally from Tasmania which is the island to the south of mainland Australia. When I am not teaching I enjoy eating sushi and snowboarding.

Alison Manjyoume (Milepost 3)
I have lived in Japan and Malaysia and have visited over 20 countries, but consider Sydney, Australia my "home". I have an Associate Diploma of Arts (Humanities), Bachelor of Arts (Social & Behavioural Science), Bachelor of Social Work, and a Master of Teaching (Primary: K-6). I have worked for the Autistic Association of NSW, the Salvation Army Outreach Service, the Department of Health & Community Services Child Protection Unit & in the Public School System of NSW, Australia. I am mad about science, reading, theatre and movie-going, dance, music, camping and swimming.

Ayako Bossear (EY Assistant)
Soon more detail.

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